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Standard Life Investment Scam

Standard Life Investment
1 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2LL
United Kingdom


My name is Harry Nimmo, 53 yrs old Fund Manager with Standard Life Investment (SLI) UK. We are financial institution that use our insight, intellect and focus on change investment approach to spot opportunities that others may not see. Our research is meticulous, some would say painstaking. But it's this analytical rigor that creates advantage for our clients. We strive to always be a step ahead of market movements, industry development and lifestyle changes.

I have a very important request that made me to contact you and as I said, this proposal however is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honor it against your will. In 2003, a 24 months calendar deposit of $28 million was made with our company under your last name but a different first name and this deposit was terminated in May 2005 by the investor and since then I have not set my eyes on him. I was informed he died in a plane crash with his wife. I have tried all possible best to locate the family members but all my effort was unproductive. Not any other person has the information’s about this investment fund except me 2 weeks ago, I had a meeting with my Executives and I was told as the Fund Manager of the deceased investor to provide his next of kin or foreign business partner otherwise they will convert the $28m into company’s treasury after March 30th 2011 This is why i decided to run a search on that last name to locate someone who bears the same last name so as to find out if he/she is related to the deceased and if not then we have a deal. The deal is this, I have every legal power as the fund manager to this deceased to present you as the relative and this way the company can make out this payment to prevent the company from having the fund converted into company treasury. It was not a easy to find someone with the same last name not until I ran a search on the last name and your name appeared which prompted me to contact you. I have decided that if we both go into this business deal with strict confidence and i am able to present you as the next of kin by jointly securing the legal document from our legal department that will empower the approval and release of funds to you, then you will get 40% for your participation and cooporation while I keep 60% after which we can discuss on a mutual investment to carry out in your country.

If you’re interested, please forward me your direct email and phone number for further discussion.

Harry Nimmo